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This is where we start and this is what drives every step of the way after. We will engage you so we understand your business and Business needs at the deepest level possible, then we will work with you hand in hand to understand and map your Information needs.

We will follow that by mapping your Business Process or Processes with the information gained from the Business and Information needs analysis.

​ Since we are Small and Medium business friendly, we will strive to complete this phase in the shortest possible time so you can go back to concentrating on your business..

Customize, Configure, Integrate, Deploy

Our solutions and systems integration services provide our clients with the tools that manage the increasing complexity of today’s challenging business demands and associated technology requirements. We find new and innovative ways of leveraging organizational knowledge to create competitive advantages for your organization.

Enara's advisors will deliver Solutions Architecture for on premise or hybrid solutions; Solution design and business process mapping; Systems customization, configuration and deployment; Quality assurance and testing and scripting for integration into external solutions if and when needed. 

While we work on deliverables, we engage our clients through a communication plan and selected interval demonstrations. This allows us to gain customer feedback in almost real time as opposed to waiting to the end of a phase before asking for feedback. This method has proven successful in winning the trust of our clients over the years and assisted us and our clients in delivering the required solutions ahead of time and below budget.


Every solution we provide comes with its unique training and training approach.

While some solutions are easier to grasp and training can be obtained through online material, some solutions are much more complex and require traditional style, classroom based training. 

Our advisors can also go the extra mile and create a customized training based on the actual business use cases for the specific organization. 

Client Support

We pride ourselves on our dedication and commitment to providing superior technical support.

At Enara, we understand that the success of an IT solution is measured not only by business benefits, but also by a responsive vendor who can immediately support issues and maintain a proactive and efficient approach to keeping your solution updated and stable. 

This is why we offer technical support services by telephone, email, online, through remote administration, as well as on-site presence whenever we are needed.