Business Needs Analysis

& Information Needs Analysis

This is where we start and this is what drives every step of the way after. We will engage you so we understand your business and Business needs at the deepest level possible, then we will work with you hand in hand to understand and map your Information needs.

We will follow that by mapping your Business Process or Processes with the information gained from the Business and Information needs analysis.

Since we are Small and Medium business friendly, we will strive to complete this phase in the shortest possible time so you can go back to concentrating on your business.

Client Support Services

We pride ourselves on our dedication and commitment to providing superior technical support.   

At Enara, we understand that the success of an IT solution is measured not only by business benefits, but also by a responsive vendor who can immediately support issues and maintain a proactive and efficient approach to keeping your solution updated and stable.

This is why we offer technical support services by telephone, email, online, through remote administration, as well as on-site presence whenever we are needed.

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