Document Management 
S/M Businesses

A solution that is essential for all businesses, hosted and secure

Designed with End-Users in mind
 Easy to learn and use
CAD $39 per user/per month

Connects people, information, and workflows, in one smart platform designed for:

Task Management
Team Collaboration
Document Management 

Amazon Web Services hosted within your Geographic location

Invite external users to View, Collaborate, Complete tasks and/or Workflows 

Store and Retrieve documents based on Tags, not folders

Powerful security measures, version control and, Role-based access 

Instantly retrieve information, process status, and increase Customer Service                effectiveness 


Collaboration with internal and external entities has never been easier. Decide who see what and who can do what and open the door for real-time and true collaboration with all entities, from within and/or from the outside.

Add items to your Favorite list or to your watch list. Watch lists notifies you immediately if an item has been changed or a task has been completed. 

Document Management

A document management system is a platform for storing, organizing, and managing documents in electronic formats using Tags to store and retrieve.

Locating needed information based on what the information is, rather than where it is. Whether locating documents by Document Type (Correspondence, Memo, Agreement, …), or Invoice Number, or date ranges, or a combination of tags, information will always be readily and instantly available for authorized access.  

Task Management

Build your process step by step from the beginning to completion. Each step can have its own rules, decision, people, and information.
See immediately how your processes are tracking from individual participant progress through to each step and overall workflow progress.
See real-time, clear visibility of your processes. Edit processes on the fly and intervene at any stage to help teams be more productive .
In many cases, completing work involves connecting with people outside your organization. Invite anyone you like to help you get work done, quicker and easier
Quickly set up a 2nd in charge for your project or delegate certain tasks to colleagues.  

The advantages:

  • AWS Hosted Solution

  • Organization

  • Legally compliance

  • Increased productivity

  • Task process Automation


  • Easy to learn and use

  • Fast setup, zero deployment efforts 

  • Secured

  • Instant access to needed information / Documents / Email

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